SMoCA Exhibit Inspired by Art Bike Movement

A bike. Something that seems so obviously simple; so simple, in fact, that we might take advantage of this unique inventions beauty. There are some who have tried to spread the enchantment of the bike, perhaps they’ve leaned it against a faded brick wall or posted it on a hipsters Pinterest page. But is this really living up to the artistic opportunities the bike could offer?  The answer is no, at least not until now. SMoCA , or Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, has taken it upon themselves to feature an exhibit that highlights those incredibly overlooked bikes, presenting them in different forms and styles. These creations are done by teens, nonetheless, from around the valley. A swipe of paintbrush or a creamed glob of clay may be an original way to express artistic voice, but there is something about the bike that we can all relate to. The bike is always moving forward, always perusing the next horizon; it is always on a different adventure. This exhibit will make you feel like you are also awaiting your next great journey.

Rana Roudi (another Zona reporter) and I got the chance to interview Laura Hales about the exciting exhibit. This is what she had to say:

“Teens have a fresh perspective about the world around us, and their artwork enables them to voice their opinions and to express their creativity.”

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Toller
Photo Credit: Jeremiah Toller

This “Art in Motion” exhibit, running from January 24 to April 20, will showcase the talents of several teens from a local high school in the valley, South Mountain.

Inspired by the growing art bike movement in America, these student artists used not only their artistic talents, but also geometry, physics, bike mechanics and welding to create these unique sculptures. Together, these teens have built an impactful and dynamic exhibit that will leave viewers feeling inspired, “open to learning new things” in order to “achieve success.”

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Rana Roudi I am a junior at Phoenix country day school. I love playing tennis, skiing, and photography.

About the author

Hey, I’m Sophie Hill! I am a junior at Phoenix Country Day and my passion is writing. I also love traveling, especially for the cultural experience and the shopping.



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