Sixth Grader Sophia is Eagle of the Month and Makes Principals List

Q. You have been eagle of the month several times and on principal list tell us more about that?

A. Being eagle of the month is probably one of the best events that I like. The key in being on the principal’s list is just to pay attention in class because it does affect your grade as well as homework

Q. What has been your favorite thing about attending Saint John?

A. My favorite thing about St. John Vianney is the kindness that they have for the homeless. The knowledge at SJV is the best thing anyone would want for their kids.

Q. Tell us about your favorite sport basketball Do you play for school?

A. Basketball us my favorite sport because I like to be a little competitive here and there and as a foster kid with a faster parent we all like to play basketball. I do not play for my school but I would like to someday.

Q. Tell us about your love of crafts?

A. My love for crafts is huge! When I craft I feel like I am more relaxed. Arts and crafts are like a stress reliever for me.

Q. You also have a love for cooking what is your favorite thing to make?

A. My favorite thing to make is chop suey, which is just broccoli, meat, and sometimes carrots. For dessert I like to make banana bread.

Sophia is a sixth grader at Saint John Vianney Catholic School.

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