Sixth Grade Girls Create Coding Club at Rancho Solano Prep

RSPS technology teacher, Julee Brentwood, made a comment to her sixth grade students that she always wanted to have an “all­-girls computer class” which lead to three girls ‘Triple S’, as they call themselves (Sanya Agarwal, Stella Dillard, and Sofia Trujillo) – turning the idea into a real school club.

Why did you start “Triple S”?

The club allows girls to feel empowered and not intimidated about gaining computer science skills and knowledge, and to understand that technology­related degrees are not just a career path for boys.

How many members are in your club?

We currently have 13 members with interest growing!

What are some of the club’s activities?

We create weekly lesson plans that teach participants computer science skills, such as coding. We also incorporate coding contests with judging and prizes into the lesson plans to start preparing members for future national contests, and hope to eventually create an “in­-house” school model of this club that could be duplicated elsewhere.

Future club plans?

Creating usable apps, earning ‘professional certificates’ in coding languages, and having our club model implemented by other schools statewide, nationwide, and even worldwide!

Sanya, Stella and Sofia are sixth graders at Rancho Solano Preparatory School.



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