Shannon Successfully Balances Academics and Athletics

Shannon Gurley, 16, has been a Rancho Solano student since she was four years old, beginning in PreK.

Q. You have had some extraordinary experiences as a Rancho Solano student. Could you share some of the most significant?

Rancho has provided me with some amazing opportunities and experiences to step outside my comfort zone. During the summer of 2014 I travelled to England to study the challenges of democracy in the modern world at the University of Oxford. My time at Oxford was amazing, challenging, eye­-opening and, overall, one of the most memorable two weeks of my life. Earlier in the summer of 2014, I was selected to attend an introductory course at the Arizona State University Engineering School about their program, Engineering Projects in Community Service, where I was challenged to think critically and take an entrepreneur and service­based approach to engineering. The program was a great way to introduce myself to the field of engineering with a focus on community service and an emphasis on collaborative learning.

Q. You are an outstanding scholar on track to earn your IB Diploma and were recently named 1st Team All­State in Division V by the AIA 365 coaches. How do you successfully balance both academics and athletics?

Both volleyball and school are very important things in my life. Balancing the two is hard but the main thing is time management and prioritizing my time so I can successfully complete practices, workouts, projects, essays, homework, etc. I have to make sacrifices on certain things like hanging out with friends or binge watching shows on Netflix, but to me it is all worth it.

Q. What are your plans for college and beyond?

I’m still a little uncertain about my future. I do want to attend a university and hopefully have the opportunity to play volleyball while studying. As of right now, I’m interested in majoring in Bio-chemistry before attending medical school to eventually become a practicing physician.



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