Seventh Grader Maureen Ulrich Leads Team to CYAA Championships

Maureen is a fantastic student and athlete. She helped lead her team to the CYAA championship this year and is a leader amongst her peers! She’s a member of National Junior Honor Society, volunteers much of her time at school helping with the preschool, as well as working the Student Council snack bar. Next year she will be the Campus Outreach Officer for Student Council!

Q. Can you tell us about your teams?
A. I used to play soccer for MFC (Madison Futbol Club). I played with wonderful girls and it was nonstop fun. I met one of my best friends, who also goes to STA, at MFC. I played for three years and quit to pursue basketball. The head coach of our team (Storm) was Jeremy Van Buren. He was one of the best soccer coaches I have ever had. He supported my decisions or listened to what position I hoped to play. I currently play on a club basketball team. I have played on this team for a little over a year now. I currently play on AZ Rebels Blue which is a 7/8 team. We often play in eighth grade or 15-U tournaments, with only two eighth graders on the team. We are not specifically a “travel team” but we do travel to California and Las Vegas a few times throughout the year. This past year we traveled to Portland, Oregon for a region-wide tournament. I love all my teammates and we always have fun on and off the court. I also played school volleyball and basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and had so much fun with my friends.

Q. What does your upcoming role as the Campus Outreach Office entail?
A. My role of Campus Outreach Officer entitles me to organize campus cleanups, create signs for all Student Counsel events, such as pizza sales or dances, and handle the lost and found.

Q. What work do you do at your preschool?
A. When I work at the preschool, I often help watch or play with the little three and four-year olds that are there. I play on the playground with them, watch them as they interact with each other, or read books to them.

Q. Can you tell us about your family?
A. I have three brothers and two loving parents. Two out of my three brothers are identical twins. Their names are Luke and Trevor. Luke and Trevor are 15 years old and freshmen at Brophy College Preparatory. They play football, and in the off season they participated in shot put and discus. They also work the weekends as referees for flag football to save up to buy a car. My little brother, Justin, is seven years old and is currently in 1st grade at St. Thomas the Apostle. Justin plays RAMMS basketball and baseball and MFC rec league soccer. My mother, Leigh Ulrich, works at St. Thomas the Apostle as the 6th-8th grade science teacher. I always love to have my mom work there because I get to see her everyday. She is a wonderful teacher and an even better mom. She loves soccer and her favorite team is Manchester United. She is also one of the best cooks and bakers I know. My dad is a Phoenix Firefighter who is currently going back to school to become a medic for Ladder 4. He loves his job.

Q. What is your favorite book?
A. My favorite book is Divergent. It is about Tris Prior who lives in a futuristic world in which society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. Tris chooses Dauntless — those who pursue bravery above all else.

Q. Who is your role model?
A. My parents are my role models. They are my role models because they work extremely hard to afford things such as club basketball, private school/high school, and other extra-curricular activities for everyone in our family.



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