Senior, Christy, Talks Supreme Court at James Madison Preparatory School

Christy is a true senior leader and is involved in many aspects of the campus. Christy is a judge on the supreme court, a member of the danceline, show choir, the theater program, a manager for several sports, and serves as the dance captain for both the musical and tap club class. Christy brings organization, precision, energy, and perfection to every aspect of our campus from her academics to extra curricular activities to restocking the chore buckets for all the classrooms. Christy is an outstanding member of the James Madison community, and is hitting the ground running showing the school how senior year ought to be done.

Q. Can you tell us about your community involvement?
A. I am involved in a number of things throughout the year. Since sophomore year I have done Sparx and this year I am co-captain with my best friend. In freshman year I was the manager for drumline and since 10th grade I have been the manager for the Track and Field team. I did Patriot Voices choir from seventh grade to 10th grade and have done the tap club class since eighth grade. Ever since I started at JMPS, I have been doing the musicals and fall plays and I enjoy those activities the most at my school. I’ve also been in Jr. High student council and was involved in the House of Reps in the government and am now a judge on our Supreme Court.

Q. What is involved in being a judge on the Supreme Court?
A. A judge on our Supreme Court helps choose the punishments for students who receive tickets. To do this, you must have an understanding of the school rules and the Code of Conduct. You must also understand how to fairly and correctly punish a student, whether it’s giving them sentences because it was their first time receiving a ticket for something they weren’t aware of or assigning community service to an upperclassman who should have known better. A judge on the Supreme Court must also be a role model themselves and should demonstrate the elements of the Code of Conduct as expected.

Q. What are your plans for the future? Do you know where you’d like to be in 10 years?
A. My plans for the future are to go to college, attend grad school, and have “Dr.” in my title. I am going to be a physics major and want to aim towards work in astrophysics because of my passion for math and space. Next fall I will be attending ASU where I will enroll in their School of Earth and Space Exploration and will continue down my path until I land a successful career in astrophysics. To be a non-medical doctor is my main goal, while my ultimate goal is to venture out into the final frontier. In ten years I want to be successful, healthy, hopefully out of school, and most of all happy.

Q. How has James Madison prepared you for adulthood?
A. James Madison has shaped me into the person I am today. I am a hardworking, consistent, and ambitious young woman that a society like ours needs plenty more of. This school has not only encouraged me to be a better student but also to be a good person, which to me is more important. They make us aware of the vast amount of opportunities that will be waiting for us when we leave and in the six years I have attended JMPS I have been given many resources and the aid of my teachers to help guide me to those opportunities.

Christy Tribiana is a senior at James Madison Prep.



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