Scarlett Talks Science at Bethany Christian School

Q. What is your favorite thing about first grade?

A. We get to do science! I learned that pumpkins and peeps can float. Pumpkins can float because they have air inside of them and peeps float because they are so light. I like that we get to do a lot of experiments in our science class. Mrs. Ellis lets us have fun.  

Q. What are you most excited about going into second grade? 

A. I can’t wait to go to the turtle race with all of my friends and play at the water park. I also get to play soccer and do running club again. 

Q. What is your favorite thing about being at Bethany?

A. That we are all Christians! I also like going to aftercare it is so much fun and when it starts to get hot outside we get ice cream to cool us off.

Scarlett Schilling is a first grader at Bethany Christian School.

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