Saint Thomas the Apostle Eighth Grader, Anna Bowles, Starts Kindness Day

Anna started a “Kindness Day” at Saint Thomas. One of the many ways to show kindness included giving each student a flower at the end of the day to be given to someone who had been kind to them. It was a wonderful day and students still talk about it! It will be an annual event at STA. She’s the oldest of five and serves as a great role model to all four of her brothers. She plays basketball, softball and volleyball. Anna is a member of NJHS, is a Christian Outreach Officer on her student council, and invests much of her time volunteering.

Q. Can you tell us about “Kindness Day”?
A. I started “Kindness Day” because I wanted everyone to see how easy it was to make someone’s day, how doing even the smallest acts of kindness can cheer someone up, and how it will inspire them to pay it forward. I had school families nominate an adult and student for a kindness award, by sharing their acts of kindness. Each nomination went on a flower and I made a mural out of all of them at school. I announced the winners on the announcements and presented them with a Ben’s Bell. Each class participated in “Kindness Bingo”, which was filled with 25 acts of kindness that they had to do. The teachers and students really enjoyed it! At the end of the day, Student Council gave each student a flower, donated by Trader Joe’s, and they had to give that flower to someone else. It was truly amazing to see every single person on campus doing nice things. Everyone went home smiling, and that day really made a huge impact on my life.

Q. Can you tell us about your little brothers? What’s it like being the oldest of five?
A. My little brothers are 10, seven, four and one, and they are all really cute and funny. There is always something exciting going on in our house! Being the oldest is fun because it gives me an opportunity to take on different roles. For example, when I help them with sports, I’m their coach, or when I help them with homework, I’m their tutor. As the oldest of five, it has taught me how to be responsible and a good role model.

Q. What began your volunteer work with St. Mary’s Food Bank?
A. As Student Council Christian Outreach Officer, one of my jobs is to organize volunteer opportunities. A former student started taking kids to St. Mary’s Food Bank, and I wanted to continue what he started. It is a great way to help others, and you get to have fun with your friends.

Q. What is your favorite travel spot?
A. I went to softball camp in Telluride, Colorado and that is my new favorite place. I love being outdoors as much as possible, and there is so much to do there – hiking to waterfalls, mountain biking, white water rafting, skiing, and taking in amazing views while riding the gondola. It is such a cute town with the nicest people and I can’t wait to go back!

Q. Where do you see yourself in the future?
A. I hope to continue playing sports, and I will continue volunteering and helping others.

Q. How do you balance keeping up your exceptional academic performance with all of the other activities you’re involved in?
A. It is all about time management. I try my best to be organized, and really be on top of my homework and studying. It does get a little bit difficult at times due to sports and other responsibilities, but I just keep going and do my best.



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