Saint Thomas Aquinas Student, Nathan, Gets Chosen as Finalist for his Poem

Nathan was chosen as a finalist for his poem ” Golden Gate” a poetry contest through Creative Communications (U.S and Canada). His poem will be published in the Spring 2016 edition out in September.

Q. Tell us about the poetry contest you recently entered?

A. It was a poetry competition open to contestants from the USA and Canada. My English teacher Ms. Kuhl inspired me to join the contest.

Q. You are a finalist! What is the next step for you?

A. I would like to continue writing poems and plan to enter more poetry contests. In the meantime, I just started seventh grade at STA. I’m a member of the honor society and the service club as well as the YMCA swim team.

Q. What was your poem about? 

A. The glory of Heaven.

Q. Have you written poems in the past or is this your first? 

A. I have written a few in the past. I discovered my love for poetry recently in the 6th grade.

Q. What inspired you the most when writing this poem?

A. I was missing my great-grandmother.

Q. What is one awesome thing you did this summer?

A. I jumped off a waterfall in Maui.

Nathan is a seventh grader at Saint Thomas Aquinas School .



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