Saint Thomas the Aquinas Student, Angela, Competes in Regional Spelling Bee

Angela had won her school spelling bee and had gone on to compete at the regional spelling bee which involves all Catholic schools in the area. She had 20 to 23 other peers from other schools. She didn’t win, but she hopes to attend the school spelling bee once more next year.

Q. Tell us about your school Spelling Bee that you won?

A. To be able to participate in the school spelling bee, we had to win our classroom spelling bee first. Two students from the class are then chosen as the class’s representatives as a result of winning. We are then given a list to study from. The two students are only a fraction of the group competing at the school spelling bee. Grades five through eight participate, two classes each grade. In total, 16 students are participants in the spelling bee.

Q. What was the word you had to spell to get the win?

A. There were quite a few rounds for our spelling bee. The word that I had to spell to finish was “Patagonia.”

Q. Do you ever get nervous being on stage?

A. I was in the spelling bee once, in 5th grade. I was anxious whenever it was my turn to spell. Knowing the rules and the procedures, this year didn’t bother me as much. I knew what to expect.

Q. Tell us about the regional spelling bee you competed in?

A. There were about at least twenty students at the regional. The bee was held at St. Francis Xavier, in what I believe was the gym or auditorium. We were seated on a stage, with the judges below us. The pronouncer had a microphone to speak through, and so did we. We had papers with our names and numbers, and we were called up in order. When we spelled a word wrong, a judge would ring a small bell and we would take a seat at the back row. Every round, the remaining participants would shift seats and scoot to the right of those who were out still sat on stage.

Q. What are some things you like to do for fun when you are not participating in Spelling Bees?

A. I enjoy spending time painting, drawing, and reading. I spend the day playing around with my paints, pastels, and pencils. I’ve been drawing ever since I was in first grade and took art more seriously in sixth grade. Art is my favorite pastime.

Angela is a seventh Grader at Saint Thomas the Aquinas Catholic School.



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