Saint John Vianney’s Preschooler, Aiden, Earns Eagle of the Month


Aiden has a very infectious smile and makes everyone one want to be around him. He is a wonderful caring little boy with a wonderful outlook on life. He always asks if he can give money to homeless people and says when he grows up he wants to go around the world and help poor people.

Q. You have been Eagle of the Month three times, what is Eagle of the Month? How did you win this honor? What responsibilities do this come with?

A. Being eagle of the month means that I was being the best person that I could be following all the rules being thoughtful, helpful, and going above and beyond and that’s what earns the eagle of the month. The responsibility that goes along with it is to be an example for other students to follow.

Q. What is your favorite thing about playing soccer? Where do you play? What position do you play?

A. I play the goalie position when playing soccer. I like being part of the team and playing with other kid. All of my soccer games are played at Sundance Park in Buckeye.

Q. Why do you love Saint John Vianney?

A. My favorite part about St John Vianney is going to mass and learning about religion. I also like playing with my friends on the playground and learning about new things in class. I also loves making things and arts and crafts.

Q. What is something exciting you are doing this summer?

A. My Nina just bought a new travel trailer so we plan on going on a road trip with her wherever the road takes us sometime this summer.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. An army man and a policeman!

Aiden is currently a preschooler at Saint John Vianney Catholic School.



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