Saint Franics Xavier Student, Gracie, Talks Competitive Swim

Gracie is an athletic child; she plays volleyball for St. Francis Xavier School and has a deep love of the camaraderie of team sports. She spends most of her free time flipping on her trampoline in the backyard. If she is not jumping on the trampoline she’s at the pool practicing or competing with Phoenix Swim Club. She has a love for the water and competing.

Q. You are involved in volleyball at SFX tell us more about that?

A. I enjoy volleyball because I get to play with my school friends. I especially like it when we win. I like volleyball because it’s a team sport. I like the team spirit my friends have when playing sports for school. We cheer each other on and support each other. I also like volleyball because we are moving all the time. I like sports with a lot of action and volleyball has that.

Q. You are also a swimmer…where do you practice? Do you compete?

A. Yes, I am a competitive swimmer and I practice with Phoenix Swim Club at Phoenix Country Day School.

Q. Tell us about your swim meets?

A. My swim meets are once or twice a month. I usually compete here in town unless it’s a championship meet or swim meet I have to have a certain time to qualify to swim in it. Like our State Championship swim meet has been in Tucson the past couple of years. I have traveled to other states like Northern California, and Seattle Washington for Far Westerns and Western Zone Championships. I am hoping to Travel to Oregon this summer for another Championship qualifying meet.

Q. What event do you prefer to compete in?

A. 200-Individual Medley is my favorite event to compete in, because it’s all four strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) in one event and I think I swim it well.

Q. What is your favorite stroke to swim?

A. My favorite stroke is backstroke because i get to breath whole time during my race.

Q. Do you prefer one stroke to another?

A. Butterfly is my second favorite stroke, but I prefer backstroke to butterfly.

Q. Do you wish to pursue your swimming into high school?

A. Yes of course I want to continue swimming into high school.

Q. What is the hardest thing you have had to learn in swimming or competing?

A. It doesn’t come easy you have to work hard and your natural talents take you only so far.

Gracie is a seventh grader at Saint Francis Xavier.



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