Saint Francis Xavier Student, Sean, Preps for The World Cubing Association

In Sean’s spare time, he has taught himself to solve the Rubik’s cube. His best time is 15.15 seconds. He has over 15 cubes in his collection, including the standard 3×3, a 5×5 and the Pyraminx.

Q. You are a self-taught Rubik’s Cube enthusiast tell us more about that?

A. Well, I started by seeing someone at my summer camp do it and I thought that it was very cool. When I got home I picked up my Rubik’s cube and went straight to the computer to learn. It took me about a week to memorize it. I now have my own You Tube Channel under “Cuber 54”. The name comes from the number of tiles on a 3×3 cube.

Q. You collect Rubik’s also, how many do you have? Which one is your favorite?

A. I have about 35. The 3×3 is the standard and that is the cube that most people have seen. Right now my favorite has to be the 5×5, I’m working at getting faster on that.

Q. You are prepping for a competition tell us more about that?

A. The WCA (World Cubing Association) holds competitions all over the world. I actually have two competitions coming up. In my first competition, if I get below a 40 second average of five, (an average of five is where you do five solves, and they you add up the middle three and divide those by three) I can go to nationals. Nationals are in Fort Wayne, Indiana this summer.

Q. What is the hardest thing to solving a Rubik’s cube?

A. The hardest part about solving the cube is learning the algorithms for the last layer. It takes practice and more practice to memorize the algorithms, but when you solve it for the first time without help, it is a great day!

Q. You are also into sports, which is your favorite to play? How many different sports are you involved in?

A. Yes, I loving playing sports, my favorite has to be baseball. Besides playing all the sports for St. Francis Xavier, I like to play on other teams too. Right now I am the catcher for my baseball team.

Also, you might have seen me around town on the bus stops in an advertisement for the City of Phoenix Water Department. I’m taking a drink from a water fountain, and the heading reads “Thinking Ahead of the Curve”. I would like to change it to “Thinking Ahead of the Cube”, but I don’t think the Water Department would like that!

Sean is a fifth grader at Saint Francis Xavier School.



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