Saint Francis Xavier Student Juliana Talks Art

Juliana is an extraordinary artist who creates books for scientific topics that are clever, engaging and filled with her graphics. She also hand crafted journals for her Arrupe Project at school, “Just My Words” and her project benefited Catholic Charities.

Q: You are quite the artist tell us about that?

A: I started finding an interest and passion for art in about the fifth grade, but I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My first realization that I wanted to become a better artist was in the second grade when my art teacher gave me the opportunity to have my work featured in a small gallery. Since then, I have always loved to create and express what is on my mind through art.

Q: What types of art do you do?

A: To be honest, I enjoy all art types. Recently I have been working more on portraits, pop art and monochromatic paintings. Whether I am using colored pencil, watercolor, or acrylic, my favorite thing to create are galaxies. I also really enjoy drawing Disney characters along with zen-doodles and full page zentangles.

Q: Tell us about your Arrupe Project you created at school?

A: For my Arrupe Project I worked with the Just My Words Project for Catholic Charities. I decorated journals with a hand-drawn cover with small doodles. I really wanted to incorporate my artwork into my project because I felt like it would make the Arrupe Project more fun because I really enjoy drawing! At first, I was very nervous for my project because it was an exposure I have never received for my artwork, but it all went very well and I am very happy to have worked with Catholic Charities.

Q: What is your favorite piece that you have ever created?

A: My favorite piece I have created was a full page zentangle. It probably also is the piece that has taken me the most time to complete! I used about six different color scales and covered the entire page in just doodles!

Q: Do you wish to be an artist when you grow up?

A: My biggest aspiration as an artist is to study digital animation and story-board concepts to eventually become a concept artist or animator and work for an animating company such as Disney and Dreamworks. My dream is to be able to inspire others through films that dreams do come true just as I was inspired to follow my dreams.

Q: Do you have any special plans this summer?

A: I actually don’t! However, wherever I go I plan on taking my easel, paints, and brushes with me!

Juliana is a seventh grade student at St. Francis Xavier School.

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