Saint Francis Xavier Seventh Grader, Kate, Talks Dance and Theatre

Q. Along with other extra curricular activities you are a dancer, what type of dance do you do? How long have you been dancing?

A. Yes, over the years I have taken jazz, ballet, tap, musical theatre, and lyrical dance classes. I have been dancing for about three years now and although I enjoy it, I really only do it to gain dance experience for theatre roles. Most shows have tough choreography, so I take dance classes so I am able to keep up. The dance element of theatre is really what I have the most trouble with, but I am improving a lot and I can usually keep up with our show’s choreographer.

Q. You are also involved in piano, voice, and theater tell us more about that?

A. I have been taking piano lessons for as long as I can remember, and the same with voice lessons. I love being on stage and acting in shows. I have been in a lot of shows with a few different companies such as: Art and Sol, Valley Youth Theatre, and Childsplay.  I am currently cast as Sharpay in High School Musical Jr., Grace Ferrel in Annie Jr., so with dance, voice, and piano I’m pretty busy. 

Q. You participate in National Charity League what is this? What is your favorite part about this program? 

A. National Charity League is a mother-daughter run organization, in which my mom and I are able to give back and help the less fortunate in our own community by volunteering. NCL also provides meetings and guest speakers with powerful lessons to teach us, as well as giving the girls in my grade level group an opportunity to run our own student council.

Q. With all that you do on the side you are still a straight A student…how do you do it all?

A. My grades and how I do in school has always been extremely important to my family and I, so I always make time for my homework. School comes first for me, and all my rehearsals are never an excuse for me getting behind. You can often find me doing homework during a late night rehearsal or in the car on the way. It isn’t easy because sometimes I will get pretty behind on sleep as well, but I make it work so I can keep on doing what I love.

Kate is a Seventh Grader at Saint Francis Xavier School.



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