Saint Francis Xavier Seventh Grader, Ellie Pompay, talks Theater and Acting

Ellie is a seventh-grade student at St. Francis Xavier School. She is a very good student and a hard worker. Ellie’s passion is acting and performs in our school plays, but also performs in local theatre in Phoenix.

Q. Can you tell us about your theater involvement?
A. Theater is such a unique community. Everyone has been nothing but kind to me even though we are all in competition. It is so fun to talk to your friends, try out for shows together and be excited for each other when we get the part! Every single show is so different and fun to be a part of. A few of my most favorite roles that I have taken on are “Rafiki” in the Lion King Jr, “Lumiere” in Beauty and the Beast Jr, and “Nibbles the snow bunny” in Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tale. I have been in The lion King Jr twice now- once as Nala and once as Rafiki. Even though it may look the same from the outside, from the inside it is completely different. We have a completely different cast, a different director, and different choreography. It is so amazing to see how different directors envision something, learn how to fill their expectations and be the best you can possibly be. It’s important to know yourself and your passions and to be confident in your talents so you can use them to help make the world a better place!

Q. Where do you get your passion of performing arts?
A. I started theater when I was in fourth grade In a smaller theater company with no cuts. I had always been too scared to go any bigger because I was too afraid to be told no. last year I was finally brave enough to try to go to more competitive companies. I started at one that really had minimal cuts. Finally this year I decided to really give it a shot. I knew I loved it and I knew that I wanted to do better and push myself outside of my comfort zone because if I didn’t I would never get better. As nervous as I was, this December I went big and I got a part! It was a small cast of only 15 and there were over 200 cuts! It was such an uplifting experience and I made friends in my cast that I will never forget. In theater, some things you just have to learn is sometimes you don’t fit the part. It’s not that you’re not good enough or not talented enough. In the minds of the directors they are looking for something or someone to fill their vision and If that’s just not you then you try out for the next one and one day your day or part will come. When I was introduced to theater I wasn’t really that interested I used to love to play soccer and other sports. One of my really good friends at the time asked be to try out with her and I had the time of my life. Everything has just been going and going from then on out.

Q. How has St. Francis Xavier prepared you for the future?
A. St. Francis Xavier is really big on resilience, grit, and being a kid for others. Even when you make a mistake they help you learn from it so you can do better the next time. This school has taught me that not only do you need to work your hardest and do the “magis” or “the more” but to be kind to the people around you and make them always know their own self-worth.

Q. Do you think performing and theater are in your future?
A. I think that I see theater in my future. I would love to become an actress on film as a profession when I am older. I look up to many actresses like Ellen Pompeo, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, and Christian Bell.

Q. Tell us about your family!
A. I live with my parents, sisters, and two dogs. My mom and dad have always supported me in my shows and decisions. They always encourage me when things get tough and there is no way I could have accomplished everything I have without the opportunities they have gave me. I am so blessed to go a catholic school, have a warm cozy home and delicious meals every day! I have a super close bond with them and could never imagine life without their endless love, support, and guidance. I am also the oldest of three girls. My two sisters names are Sydney age 10 and charlotte age 5. They are my biggest fans and I can always count on them to be in the front row cheering me on. Being a oldest has taught me responsibility and how to contribute to helping out the family when I am needed. This very closely relates with theater because my whole cast counts on me to do the best I possibly can no matter the role, or how big the cast may be, and It’s up to me not to let them down. I have made friendships through theater that I will have with me my whole life and a cast truly is like a second family.



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