RSPS Eighth Grader Photographs Pets, From Dogs to Axolotls

Isabella Lirtzman is an eighth grader at Rancho Solano Preparatory School. With a veterinarian for a dad and a camera in hand, an intense interest in animal photography grew. A photojournalism class at Rancho Solano will continue to fuel that fire and we expect to see great things from Bella.

Q. How long have you been practicing photography?

A. I have always been pretty interested in photography. Something about capturing a moment in time has always been magical to me. When I was younger, I used to mess around with my parents’ phones and take pictures of everything in sight. A few years ago, I got more interested in the artistic side of photography, as opposed to just taking pictures at random.

Q. When did you start to get interested in photographing animals? Do you have animals of your own?

A. I actually have a lot of pets of my own. My mom loves dogs, and since my dad is a veterinarian, we are a very animal-friendly household. Having five dogs running around can get pretty crazy, but, it makes for some great candid shots! Whenever one of them was doing something funny, I would take pictures with my phone. That later morphed into a strong interest in animal photography.

Q. Do you take any arts classes at Rancho? If so, which ones? Have they influenced your interest in arts/photography at all? (Or has a science class fueled your interest in animals?)

A. This semester, I’m taking a photojournalism class, which I think will greatly improve my skills as a photographer. It’s only the beginning of the semester though, so I’m very excited to see what the class has in store. Last year’s science class fueled my interest in marine biology, and actually inspired me to get two Axolotls, which are aquatic salamanders. Hopefully this year continues to help me perfect my skills in the arts and sciences!

Isabella is an eighth grader at Rancho Solano Preparatory School.



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