Roy Ray Talks West-MEC Climate Control Technician Program

Why did you chose to pursue the Climate Technician Program?

I chose to pursue this program because of the demand there is for skilled knowledgeable technicians in the workforce. 


What are some of your goals for after high school? More schooling? Starting your career in the HVAC-R industry? Pursuing an entirely different career pathway?

 After high school I hope to pursue a career in the HVAC-R industry, and eventually return to school to get what I need to become a superintendent in the industry.


When you are not at school, what do you enjoy doing?

When I am not at school, you can probably find me at a record store. I love music, and collecting CDs and vinyl records is one of my favorite hobbies.


What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing the West-MEC Climate Control Technician Program?

5. Advice I would give to someone who was interested in pursuing the Climate Control Technician program, would be to do it. West-MEC provides a state-of-the-art learning environment, knowledgable advisors, and a positive environment focused on students success.


Roy Ray, is a junior at Raymond S. Kellis and currently attending the Climate Control Technician program through West-MEC



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