Roman Gives Back Own Money Made By Creating Comic Book

Roman is passionate about giving to those less fortunate, in particular the Feed My Starving Children organization. He volunteered with his school (Christ Church School) last year, and he was touched by the stories. After that, we received a donation mailer, and he happened to read it. It talked about one FMSC location that ran out of food for two weeks, and it showed the line of hungry kids outside the door. Ever since that day he has tried to earn money that he could donate. Roman even created his own “comic ” to sell for 10 cents each, which he then added to the donations. When his school returned this year he and his brother contributed over $150 that they had saved on their own (almost enough to feed two kids for a full year).

Q. Tell us about your participation in Feed My Starving Children organization?

A. I went to Feed My Starving Children with my school. I packaged bags of food for kids in other countries. I liked it because it was for a good purpose. Do you know that kids in Haiti sometimes eat mud for food because they are very desperate for food? That made me sad to learn. There was also an article I read about when people in Haiti (I think it was Haiti) ran out of food from FMSC and they had to put a sign out that said they were out. But the people kept knocking and did not give up!

Q. Tell us how you created and sold your own comic books? What did you do with the money you made?

A. Well I created a comic based on my friend Jackson’s chickens. I called them “Mutant Chicken” comics – originally it was for fun, but I decided that it would be better if I could sell them for the purpose of raising money for FMSC. I drew the comic and made up the stories, and used my Mom’s printer to make copies. I sold them for 10 cents. Really I raised more money from saving my allowance than selling the comics, but the comics were fun.

Q. You like to play football what position do you play? Tell us more about why you love to play football.

A. I play flag football, and I like playing quarterback best. I like flag football because it is really fun and sometimes I get to play every position. And I also like that we sometimes get trophies. I really just like football though; it’s fun to be with my friends on the team and it’s fun to play with my friends at school too.

Q. What is your favorite part of attending CCS? Tell us about one of your teachers. What makes him/her a great teacher?

A. My favorite part about CCS is learning math. I love math there because you do math riddles and sometimes you can play math games if you are good. Mrs. Trink is my teacher. She’s very nice. She’s a good teacher because she lets everyone try everything through centers; everyone always gets a turn.

Roman is in second grade at Christ Church School.



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