Renata Galvan-Echavez and Chloe Tzompantzi Win Art Contest

Horizon Honors Elementary School students Renata Galvan-Echavez (Grade 6, Age 11 from Chandler) and Chloe Tzompantzi (Grade 5, Age 10 from Chandler) have won an art contest sponsored by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME). The 22nd Annual Children’s Drawing Contest “Este es mi México” prompted children to explore “Éste es mi México: History, traditions, gastronomy, beaches, music.” Twelve winners were picked in total for their official 2019 calendar.

More about the contest:
They received 11,836 total paintings and sent them all to Mexico City where there was a jury who picked the 12 winners. This is the first time ever that they picked paintings from Arizona. The winners paintings are going on a tour around the world to all Mexican Embassies and will then be displayed at the largest Childrens’ Museum located in
Mexico City.

Website for contest –



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