Reilly Wins STA’s National Geographic Bee

Reilly has enjoyed sports since a young age and has played organized sports as soon as he was old enough. This school year he played soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and will be playing baseball in the spring. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and video games are a favorite activity. He has loved his time at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School since first grade. His favorite subjects are vocabulary, math and history. He was recently recognized by the principal and vice principal for demonstrating leadership, and he was also the school champion of this year’s National Geographic Bee. Reilly’s a great kid; he works hard at school, sports and being a good person in general.

Q. Can you tell us about the National Geographic Bee?  
A. The National Geographic Bee is a contest held every year that’s run like a spelling bee. The homerooms from grades 5-8 tests their knowledge of geography. Each student is asked a question and has to answer it correctly or is eliminated from the competition. The two finalists from each classroom move on to the school bee, which includes the two finalists from each of the eight homerooms. Finalists continue to answer more difficult questions until there’s a school champion. The school champion takes a test to try to qualify for the State Bee.

Q. Being a well-rounded athlete and playing such a variety of sports, is it difficult to not have much of a break between seasons? 
A. It can be difficult not having a break between seasons with the amount of homework in seventh grade, but I like the variety of playing multiple sports. When I start to get tired of one, the next one starts which is always fun and exciting. I really enjoy playing sports almost year round.

Q. How has your leadership evolved at St. Thomas? 
A. My leadership has evolved in many ways since I got to STA in first grade. My teachers and coaches have been great role models and have taught me how to be a good student and set a good example. My confidence has grown from working hard and practicing in school and sports.

Q. What do you do when you get free time with family and friends? 
A. When I get free time with family and friends, I like to go outside and shoot hoops with them, play ping pong, go shopping with my sister, or go swimming if it’s summer time.

Q. Favorite video game? 
A. Right now, I play a lot of video games, so it’s kind of a hard choice, but my favorite game would have to be NBA 2K18.

Reilly Blake is a seventh grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle.



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