Reading Buddies at Imagine School West Gilbert

Reading Buddies – Willie G., third grade and David L., Pre-K.

At Imagine West Gilbert reading buddies pay a visit each week to their “buddy” class to read stories and have a friend to partner with in learning positive character and how to be a leader.

Q. What is the best thing about being a reading buddy to a younger student?

A. Willie: The best thing is teaching them how to read.

Q. How can you promote character and leadership in your reading buddy?

A. Willie: I could teach him how to show respect.

Q. What is the best book to read to your reading buddy and why?

A. Willie: The best book is a book that my reading buddy would be able to understand. My favorite books are “Who Is” books because they teach me about history.

Willie is a third grader at Imagine School West Gilbert.

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