Rancho Solano Student Bobby Talks Choir, NJHS, and Running

Bobby Mohan is a seventh grade student at Rancho Solano Preparatory School. He is an active member of the 100 Club and Team RWB (Red, White, and Blue). He has participated in over 50 events in the last two years.

Q. How do you know Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton?

A. My father was involved with a proposition to help firefighters and police officers and the Mayor was supportive of this act and I got to meet him. I also met with him at the 2017 MLK Honor Walk.

Q. You are in musical choir this year, are you in the musical too? How long have you been singing?

A. Yes, I’m in the Spring Musical which is Fiddler on the Roof Jr., and the musical theatre class. I’ve taken choir since fourth grade and I’ve been a member of the Phoenix Boys Choir for two years now. I had taken voice lessons before fourth grade, but the Rancho fourth grade choir was the first time I was introduced to singing with a group.

Q. What do you do for NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)?

A. A lot of community service projects directed towards charities that help underprivileged parts of the world and to help families provide for their children. We recently did a walkathon, U-Walk for UMOM, where all the funds went to homeless families to provide various help like housing, water, food, clothes, anything to really get them back on their feet.

Q. What electives are you involved in this year?

A. I’m in musical theatre and robotics this semester. In robotics we program robots to do specific functions like a forklift motion. It helps us problem solve and practice critical thinking skills. With my group we’ve built multiple kinds of robot cars and right now we’re building a robot that can navigate through a maze.

Q. What about your extracurricular activities?

A. I long distance run with my dad outside of school. Usually on the weekends, we do a 10-15 kilometer run. We’ve been doing this for years. I also volunteer at various community service organizations, like Feed My Starving Child and St. Vincent de Paul.

Q. If you could see any Broadway show, what would it be?

A. Either ‘Hamilton’ or ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ Those are two shows that just recently came out. I started musical theatre in sixth grade and I’ve been really absorbed in the class and theatre culture since I started studying it.



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