Preschooler Alexander Talks School and Sports

Alexander is very loving and energetic little boy. At his little age he shows so much love amongst his family. He is also very happy and any sound of music will make him start dancing for no reason. It never fails at any place or location if there is a beat he will start moving!

Q. What is your favorite thing about going to Saint John Vianney School?

A. I like SJV because everyone there is like family.

Q. What are some things you learn in Preschool?

A. Routines, shapes, and meeting new friends. Mrs. Dreher also makes a large impact on his daily life. He always comes home happy saying she is his friend.

Q. What is your favorite sport to play?

A. My favorite sport is soccer.

Q. Why do you love to dance so much?

A. He is a silly boy and likes to get people laughing we think that is the reason why he enjoys dancing so much.

Alexander is in preschool at Saint John Vianney.

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