Pre-enrollment for Cerēb Rüm Tutoring & Homework Club

Introducing Cerēb Rüm, a semi-quiet learning environment held immediately after school (3:00 pm until 5:45 pm) where your child will have access to expert in-person help for homework or projects. Individual tutoring will also be available by appointment and a separate fee. The list of experts on staff, who share your same value of education, is attached.

Cerēb Rüm is housed in the Community Center at the Southeast corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird Road, in the same building as Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and Genesis Church.

Why choose Cerēb Rüm for your child?
Because you:
• Value education
• Endorse life-long learning
• Understand the dangers of unstructured smart phone use
• Desire healthy influences for your child
• Fantasize about not having to remind about homework
• Recognize your child’s need for a sense of belonging
• Wish evenings could involve more quality family time

At Cerēb Rüm, each day there will be expert help for homework and projects. The setting will be a semi-quiet, table-talk environment with white boards and scratch paper rolls, where teens can brainstorm, problem-solve, and have intelligent social engagement. They will have the opportunity to be mentored and to test their own ability to mentor. They can bounce ideas off one another or one of the experts.

Watch your child grow in confidence and enthusiasm as relationships are fostered and learning ‘just happens.’

Hours: 3:00 pm -5:45 pm

Days: Monday-Friday (excluding holidays, list below)

Ages: 6th-12th grade (younger, with special permission)

Rates: • $20 per day for drop-in (no discount for fewer hours utilized)
• $15 per day for semester enrollment ($1425 per semester, 95 days (2% additional discount if pre-paid))
• 15% sibling discount ($1211.25 for each additional sibling)
• No Extra Membership or Enrollment Fees!
• $50 discount for each semester-enrolled friend
• Daily or Semester rate includes one serving of Frozen Yogurt per day. Other drinks/food for purchase, TBD.

Dates: August 6-December 20 excluding the following days for holidays:
• September 2, Labor Day (Cerēb Rüm closed)
November 11, Veteran’s Day (Cerēb Rüm closed)
• November 27-29, Thanksgiving (Cerēb Rüm closed)

If interested, please send an email to with your intended enrollment level and number of children by May 30, 2019. We need 25 semester-enrolled students in order to run the program. If you’d like to be included on a carpool list, please indicate that in your email. Once the numbers are collected, we will be in touch regarding completing the enrollment process.



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