Phoenix is a New Experience For Parker

This competitive eighth grader from St. Francis Xavier definitely knows how to manage his time wisely. From swimming to basketball to homework, his schedule is pretty full. We think he is doing an excellent job and see great things in store for Parker.

Tell us where you moved from and what has it been like adjusting to life in Phoenix?

My family and I moved here this year in July from Indonesia where we lived for 12 years. We lived in Papua for the first seven years and the capitol city of Jakarta the last five years. Life in Phoenix has been very different from life in Indonesia, but is great.

What is the biggest difference between your school now and your school before?

I attended two international schools in Indonesia and this school year in Phoenix is my first experience going to school in the USA. The biggest difference here with the school is the people. There, we had at least 60 different nationalities represented in the school. There were so many different types of kids and teachers from many different cultures.

You compete in swimming, tell us more about that? How many hours a week do you swim?

My biggest passion is competitive swimming. I joined Scottsdale Aquatic Club the first week that I was here in July and was able to swim in the State Championship meet. I go to nine practices a week, about 18 hours a week (with pool training as well as land training).

What other sports do you enjoy or compete in?

I am currently playing on the eighth grade varsity basketball team at St. Francis Xavier with one practice and two games a week. Any spare time I have is spent doing homework or shooting hoops at home. I spend a lot of time in the car traveling to and from practices, so I do lots of homework and eating in the car. I also like to play baseball and played on the club team last year, but I’m too busy this year to play on a team anymore.

Do you have any goals for the future that you’d like to share with us?

Goals: In swimming, I want to set state records in Arizona, swim on a good college swim team, and hopefully, make it to the Olympics.

Parker is an eighth grader at St. Francis Xavier School.



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