Phoebe Shines on The Volleyball Court

Phoebe plays on a National volleyball team (AZ Sky Volleyball Club). Her team qualified and played in the Junior Olympics in Indianapolis last season. Phoebe plays the libero position and absolutely loves digging balls out from the back row. She has a love for her sport that is contagious. She has a gentle kind soul and has a huge heart!

Q. You are an avid volleyball player how long have you been playing?

A. This will be my second year playing on a national team for AZ Sky Volleyball Club. Last year I made the 12N1 team and this season I made the top 13’s team, ‘13Gold’. Prior to club ball I played recreationally for two years. It was pretty cool because club tryouts are two days after my birthday 11/12 and it was the best gift ever to make the top team.

Q. What position do you play? What do you enjoy most about playing this position?

A. Libero I love to dig out every ball. It’s exciting and my heart pounds!

Q. Tell us how you and your team qualified for the junior Olympics?

A. We qualified by winning a bid at the AZ National Qualifying tournament in April 2016. This season I made our 13Gold team (top 13’s team) and we hope to win another bid. In 2016 it will be in Minneapolis.

Q. How did your team do?

A. We did great! We played really well and it was fun playing teams from all over the U.S.

Q. When you are not playing volleyball what do you like to do?

A. Practice volleyball at home! I enjoy my time with friends, family and doing arts/crafts. I also enjoy baking and coming up with my own recipes.

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