PCDS’ Senior, Andrew Ekmark, Gets Accepted to Play Basketball for Stanford

Andrew is leading our Varsity Basketball team to the state tournament and a top rank in the state. He’s committed to play basketball at Stanford and has an extremely high GPA within a rigorous academic program at PCDS. He’s a great young man!

Q. You are a Varsity basketball player tell us about that?

A. I’ve been playing basketball since I was a toddler. I reminisce getting my first ball for Christmas and never looking back. I have played the point guard position throughout all high school and plan to as well in college.

Q. You are leading the basketball team to the State tournament, what type of responsibilities do you have with this?

A. I definitely have a lot of responsibilities as the leader of our team. I need to positively influence my teammates both on the court and off it. On the court, I need to provide a beacon of confidence and strength to encourage my teammates to play their best. Off the court, and especially as we enter the tournament, I need to make sure my teammates make the right decisions and finish their schoolwork and get enough rest to make sure they are at their full potential during games.

Q. You have a high GPA, do you find it hard at times to juggle academics and athletics?

A. Absolutely. However, this experience has taught me a copious amount of lessons that I will use for the rest of my life- most importantly, time-management. I try to get ahead as much as possible in my academics so if I want to spend more time on basketball or other opportunities I am able to.

Q. What do you wish to study in college? What do you want to be when you “grow up?”

A. Right now I am focusing on Engineering and Business. I want to change the world and help people.

Q. What are you going to miss most about PCDS after you graduate?

A. I will miss the people – both the students and the faculty.

Q. Do you have any Summer plans yet?

A. I will most likely be spending most of my summer at Stanford getting ahead in classes and playing with the basketball team.

Andrew is a senior at Phoenix Country Day School.



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