PCDS Eighth Grader Mirabel Excels in Both Performing and Creative Arts

Mirabel is a kind and accomplished PCDS student. She is a self-confident girl who is comfortable living outside the box and defining her own direction. She is very artistic, with a passion for both the performing and creative arts. At PCDS, Mirabel is active in the Jazz Band, playing flute and saxophone. She has had roles in multiple school musicals and also sings in the choir. Mirabel is also a member of PCDS’s nationally ranked speech and debate team and is active in the Girl Scouts.

Mirabel is proud of her multicultural heritage and regularly travels to China to visit her mother’s side of the family. She is taking Chinese language at PCDS to make it easier for her to visit China on her own when she gets older. She also likes traveling in general and has enjoyed visiting Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Q. Where do you think you get your speech and debate ability?

A. Definitely from my Dad. He used to do theater, and I think that’s one of the reasons I like performing. He has supported me and coached me with my speech performances.

Q. It is our understanding that you introduced scat singing to your band’s performances. How did that come about?

A. One day at music practice with my private teacher, I was playing improve flute with her. She then told me I should try the same thing with my voice and told me what scat singing was. By the end of the lesson, she encouraged me to do a spontaneous performance for our band director, Mr. Rowe. He liked it, and told me I could do my first scat solo. I’ve been scatting in our jazz band concerts ever since.

Q. What is your go-to favorite book?

A. I really like books with mythology, but my current favorite book series is The Inheritance Cycle. It’s a series about a boy named Eragon and his dragon. Of course, I can read the Harry Potter books over and over again.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your visits to China?

A. The best thing is seeing my family, especially my grandparents. I also love the food, especially my grandmother’s cooking. She makes great noodles and dumplings. I also LOVE going out and eating Peking duck with my family in Beijing!

Q. Being a world traveler at your age sounds very exciting. What are your most memorable destinations?

A. It’s really hard to pick a favorite one. I love to visit China and London, especially because I have family in both locations. I really liked visiting Paris, since there are so many famous sights to see, and going on safari in Africa, because seeing the wild animals up close in nature was amazing.

Q. What have been your biggest lessons from PCDS?

A. You should be confident enough to be yourself and not worry about being judged by others. I’ve tried so many new things at PCDS, and my teachers and friends all accept me for who I am. Put yourself out there. You never know what can happen, and you’ll have a new experience. When I auditioned for a school musical in 6th grade, I was very nervous, but I gave it a try and got to play Gretl von Trapp in The Sound of Music. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. I have been a part of the school musicals every year since then, and I love it. You just never know until you try, and that’s what I love about PCDS, because I feel I can do anything here.

Mirabel Bienert is an eighth grader at Phoenix Country Day School.



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