PCDS Eight Grader, George Talks School Theater and Talent Show

Q. You have recently headlined PCDS’ musical theatrical production tell us about that?

A. The long and short of it was that the five middle school students who auditioned for the play received a story from just about every single lower school student, and eventually narrowed it down to about seven vignettes that we wrote script (and/or lyircs) and screenplay for, and then the rest just sort of fell into place. Our directors, Mr. Jeff Sachs and Ms. Lisa Zima added lighting and/or music, and kabam! You’ve got Eagle Stories, the name of said play.

Q. Along with this, you also participate in the talent show performing comedy shows…what is that like? Tell us more about that?

A. Well, me being me, I just inherently want to make people laugh, and when the talent show rolled around in sixth grade, my brain kicked into high gear. I’d never been in a talent show before, and I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip by like it did in fifth grade, so I grabbed a few science jokes off the Internet, compiled them together, got onstage, and, to my surprise, people loved it! So in seventh grade, I got some jokes celebrating my recent conquering of a phobia, and told some jokes about mental health, and again, people loved it, and so did I! Although this year, I’m thinking of shaking things up a bit, but don’t worry, it’ll still be comedy, just…more…original…

Q. You are also a musician, what instrument do you play? What is your favorite song to play?

A. I play the bass and handle lead vocals for a local band by the name of “The Fade” (@thefadeband on Instagram and @thefadetheband on Facebook) playing at this year’s Rock and Roll Marathon outside of J.T’s Bar and Grill. I don’t really have a favorite song to play, but I do have a favorite band: Green Day.

Q. You compete in the Speech and Debate team. What was your last competition like?

A. Last year, which was my first year doing speech and debate, I was invited to go to Salt Lake City for the national tournament. I ended up competing in three speech events: Duo Interpretation (in which two competitors act out a piece without looking at or touching each other), Prose Interpretation, and Dramatic Interpretation. I ended up placing twelfth in Prose, and my team ended up taking first overall, which was a huge first. Contrary to popular belief, Speech and Debate isn’t just debate, there’s a whole competitive acting side to it as well.

Q. When you have spare time, if that is possible, what are some things you like to do for fun?

A. Well, I consider everything I do fun, but in my spare time, if I’m not doing homework, you can bet that I’m either sitting at my computer either watching YouTube or playing a game, or I’m out at an Escape Room, or maybe even out on an errand.

George is an eight grader at Phoenix Country Day School.



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