Owen Talks Favorite Sports

Owen is a delight to be around. He participates in karate, soccer, baseball and is in the middle of his first year of Cub Scouts and loves it. He is very excited for this upcoming baseball season at SFXAA.

Q. You are involved in many sports. Which sports do you play?

A. I play baseball and soccer and I do karate.

Q. What are your positions in the sports you play?

A. I play all positions but scoring goals is my favorite and hitting the ball so hard it goes into the other field.

Q. Which sport is your all-time favorite to play? Why?

A. Baseball is my favorite, because I love it when it’s my turn to bat and hit the ball.

Q. You also recently joined cub scouts. How do you like this so far?

A. Cub Scouts are awesome I love it so far. My favorite part so far is getting pizza.

Q. You love science including bugs and insects tell us more about what makes this interesting to you?

A. Science and insects are interesting to me because I love how cool bugs are. Some bugs can fly, some can walk, some can go so fast like the tiger beetle, and some can even do all three of those things. One time I caught a fig beetle. I also like all the bugs that I can find. I like to watch ants crawl around and come out for a really big battle of black ants vs. fire ants.

Q. What is your all time favorite book to read? What makes it so good?

A. My all time favorite book to read is Owen. It’s about a mouse that has a little blanket that he loves and won’t stop carrying around. I love it because it is awesome.

Owen is a first grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School.



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