Olivia Talks The Jones-Gordon School

At the Jones-Gordon School, students are encouraged to build on their strengths, and fourth grader Olivia has many strengths to build upon! Olivia’s teachers describe her as having a “shining personality that is apparent the moment you see her. She is always smiling, positive, and friendly.” Teachers also describe her as a hardworking student who approaches every learning experience with an optimistic, can-do spirit. She is a caring friend, sensitive to the feelings of others, and always makes others feel welcome and valued. This lovely girl brightens everyone’s day every time we see her. Never will you see her without a smile on her face. She has the best sense of humor, as well. Her extracurricular, athletic involvement in basketball also demonstrates Olivia’s dedication and capacity for teamwork.

Q. I understand you play basketball, tell me more about that.

A. I play for the Phoenix Banner Wheelchair Suns Prep team and we won our first game this past weekend! I like to play with other kids; it’s not just me shooting hoops. I have other people to help me. My favorite part of basketball is winning… or losing. If we lose, we tried our best.

Q. What else are you good at?

A. I’m good at building things in Minecraft. I have built a two-story restaurant and a big purple castle. I’ve also built a two-story house, a school, a swimming pool, a jail, an iron golem house.

Q.What is a golem?

A. It’s like an iron-person monster; you make it with stacks of blocks and a pumpkin. I’ve made an iron golem house and several snow golems. I made three snow golems named Mittens, Mr. Frost, and Alaska. I also made three dogs named Boomer (who does not get along with Mittens), Blue, and Zoey.

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. A vet. I feel very comfortable around animals. I love grooming and helping animals, but

I don’t like seeing animals get shots. It looks painful, very painful. My favorite animal is a bunny.

Q. Have you been able to spend time with JGS’s bunny, Thumper?

A. Yes. I love that Thumper is calm and gentle. He is never scared of anything.

Q. Besides Thumper, what else do you like about JGS?

A. I like seeing my friends. My favorite subject is Greek History. Ms. Karen [JGS teacher] gave me a book for my birthday on Greek Mythology. I’m already almost done with the book with only a few stories left to read. I also love all the activities at JGS. My old school in Tucson didn’t have PE and art was only on Fridays. At JGS we play in the rec room. I love to play dodgeball and play with the blocks, I like that we have PE and art. I love to draw. And I love that we have all the animals and go on field trips a lot.

Olivia is a fourth grader at the Jones-Gordon School.



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