Olivia Talks About her Passion for Theater


Olivia Brydon, a new eighth grade student at Rancho Solano who recently relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona from Saint Legier, Switzerland, has already firmly planted herself in the theater scene, both locally and at school.

Q. So you’re involved with a local theater group here in Arizona. Which group do you belong to and are there any plays/musicals on the horizon?

A. I auditioned for Studio 3 musical theater company when we (my family and I) relocated to Phoenix in July, and I was accepted into their Showstoppers company. Through Studio 3, I auditioned for the Limelight Youth Theater production of The Lion King, and was cast as Sarabi.

Q. How long have you been involved with theater in your personal life?

A. I’ve always loved music, but I started performing at the age of seven at a theater company when we lived in Switzerland.

Q. With so many years in theater, do you have a favorite production?

A. My favorite production that I’ve been in has to be Oliver the musical, because it was the first proper production I did. But another performance that stands out when I look back was when I performed ‘For Good’ from Wicked with my best friend. The song means a lot to me and it was very special to perform it with her.

Q. Have you performed in The Lion King before?

A. I haven’t, but I’ve seen the professional production and it was amazing! I’m so excited to have been cast in the show, because it’s incredible.

Q. Rancho is showcasing Grease as their Spring musical. Do you plan on trying out?

A. Yes! I’m very excited to audition for my first spring musical at Rancho.

Q. Are there any classes you are taking that may be affecting your skills as an actress?

A. I take choir with Mr. Zale, and he is a great choir director! I love his class because we focus on all the aspects of being a choir. We work on vocal technique, reading music, and learn to work together as a unified choir. And of course, we do all this while having fun!

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