Nicole Succeeds at Brightmont Academy

Sixteen year-old Nicole was not always the confident young woman she is today. Before she attended Brightmont Academy, she was frustrated in school and struggling in the traditional classroom model. She had fallen behind in her studies and she was even failing some of her classes.

But last fall her father, Jamey, enrolled Nicole in Brightmont Academy where he thought she might benefit from the one-to-one instruction and unique approach where one teacher works with one student throughout every learning session.

He was right. It turns out that Brightmont Academy was the turnaround Nicole needed, and today she is highly motivated in her studies, is excelling in her courses and her self-esteem has soared.

“After making the switch to Brightmont Academy, Nicole is doing so well that’s she now considering college where as before she was not interested in college,” said Jamey. “She is also so confident now that she has begun to model, and she absolutely loves it. We have seen Brightmont Academy make such a difference in Nicole’s life that we also enrolled Nicole’s younger brother.”

Nicole also speaks highly of her teachers and credits them for her success throughout the experience.

“I really appreciate the fact that my teachers can focus on working with just me every day and that they don’t have 30 other students to distract them,” said Nicole. “It really makes a tremendous difference in my learning, and I don’t see how the teachers could be any better.”

Nicole Attends Brightmont Academy at their Chandler Campus.

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