New Way’s Behind the Scenes Leader, Jordan Soucie

New Way Academy senior, Jordan Soucie, is a true student leader. Although Jordan doesn’t seek out the spotlight, he lends his talents in many ways on campus and has a huge impact on New Way’s school musicals, student government, and football team. Jordan shares about his many roles and his behind the scenes leadership.

Q. You’re very involved at New Way. Tell us about the different roles you play on campus.

A. I am one of the head prop designers for our school plays alongside our amazing art teacher Ms. Linda Bonnell, I am an active member of the New Way Student Government, I am a member of the Varsity football team, and I do various odd jobs that teachers ask me to, anything from hanging up curtains to rebuilding the outside benches.

Q. How many New Way musicals have you been involved in? How did you get involved in the musicals?

A. I have been involved in New Way musicals since the first one, which was three years ago. So, at the end of this school year, I will have been involved in 5 musicals. When New Way had its first musical, the art class I was in was responsible for making the props. I have a knack for making things and love working with my hands, so it came naturally to me and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Q. You were recently the Lead Production Manager for New Way’s performance of Annie Kids. Was this your first time in a leadership role on the crew? What did you learn from this experience?

A. This year’s fall musical, Annie, was really my fifth time in a leadership position because I have spent countless hours making the sets before and after school. Over the last couple of years, I was unofficially the Head of Production, but I wasn’t official appointed until this year.

Q. What is the most challenging project that you’ve worked on?

A. The most challenging has to be our first play, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not only it was our first production, it was also one of the biggest shows that we have put on. However, I think the upcoming Wizard of Oz musical is going to be harder because it is the same size as Willy Wonka, but we will have half the time to complete it.

Q. You’re also on the football team. What position do you play? How long have you been on the team?

A. I started on the team in seventh grade, so I have been on the team for six years. This year, I played starting left offensive guard, starting defensive nose tackle, and starting punter.

Q. You’ve taken on many leadership roles on campus. What have you learned from these experiences about what it means to be a leader?

A. I have learned that you don’t need to be vocal to be a leader. I’m a pretty shy guy.  I guess that’s why I prefer to be backstage, making things happen, rather than being on stage. You can lead by example. If you love what you do and are good at it, people will soon follow suit.

Q. What advice would you give to other students who want to take on leadership roles or get more involved at their school?

A. I would tell them it’s okay to be shy or quite, as long as you can and will speak up and advocate for yourself.  Don’t be afraid to ask a question, whether or not you are seen as a leader. Advocating for yourself can take you a long way.

Q. You’re graduating this year. What is next for you? What do you hope to do in the future?

A. Most people probably think that I want to go to college to study plays and backstage stuff, but they are sadly mistaken! My main goal is to go to NAU and study Zoology.

Jordan Soucie is a Senior at New Way Academy.



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