New Way Academy Turns 50!


It’s a milestone year for New Way Academy, as we celebrate 50 years as a school! To celebrate this Golden Anniversary, students, staff and families threw New Way’s mascot, Buster the Bulldog, a surprise birthday party! All of Buster’s mascot friends came to celebrate his big day, and students and teachers played an exciting game of trivia with questions about New Way’s past. For instance, did you know that when New Way started, there were only 4 kids in the whole school?

New Way was started way back in 1968 (before most of your parents were even born!) by two moms who couldn’t find a school that was able to teach their sons who struggled with reading and writing. Back then, learning differences were not recognized in schools, and most teachers didn’t know how to help students who had a hard time with reading, writing, or math. In fact, it wasn’t until 1969 that the first law requiring schools to help support students who learned differently was passed!

New Way became one of the first schools that was specifically designed to help these students, and became a model for other schools and colleges that trained teachers, including Arizona State University. New Way grew quickly and soon earned a reputation as a school for students that other places had deemed “unteachable.”

Over the years, New Way has grown and changed, but it remains a caring environment that appreciates students for their individuality, and shows what is possible for students with learning differences to achieve.

Buster’s birthday party was a huge success! At the end, everyone enjoyed over 400 golden cupcakes and desserts. But, the surprises didn’t end there! Students and parents were delighted to see that the whole campus had “gone gold” over the break in celebration of the 50th anniversary, and students received gold slime, gold colored necklaces, and much more! New Way is excited to continue celebrating this momentous anniversary all year long!



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