New Way Academy Fifth Grader, Payton Woker, Talks Acting and Student Government

Q. Can you tell us about the Lower School Musical?
A. We performed Madagascar Jr, which was a great play because almost all the characters were animals! I was Mason, the Chimpanzee, Lars the Lemur and a piece of protein, a STEAK. The best part of the play was the opening number that involved the entire cast, It’s Showtime, everyone could be an understudy for each other because we all knew each other lines!

Q. What comes with a student government Secretary title? What are your duties?
A. My duties as the LS secretary include taking notes at our meetings, helping organize and plan our lower school events, party planning, organizing, making decorations and signs, and keeping track of what’s in the supply cabinet. We are currently working on the Winter White party. This party celebrates winter and all things white (snow, marshmallows, etc).
Q. Do you have a favorite baked treat you like to make?
A. I like to make Rice Krispy treats in different shapes and letters as well as adding different flavors to the mix. I also like to make candy treats and ice cream toppings.

Q. Do you have a favorite book?
A. I like to read chapter books and graphic novels. I really don’t have a favorite book, I like them all. I am currently reading, President of the Whole Fifth Grade by Sherri Winston to get inspiration for next year student government!

Q. What do you enjoy about New Way Academy?
A. When I first started at New Way, it was amazing how quickly it felt like home. It was very welcoming and the teachers are incredibly nice and supportive. I learn through touch and feel (not just audio or visual) so this school is great because of the way they help me learn!



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