New Way Academy Co-Student Body Presidents, Sam and Catherine, Discuss Leadership

Written by Lauren DuBois

When stepping onto the New Way campus, it becomes instantly apparent that leaders are everywhere. Our students are spirited, passionate about our campus and community, and determined to create a better school life for themselves and their peers. The High School Student Government “Stugo” plan on hosting Homecoming, Mr. New Way, Fashion Show, and Prom. Meanwhile, Junior High Leadership is busy planning an Upper School Dance, Movie Night, service week, and charity donation. This year, New Way also added a new group of talented young leaders this year with our addition of Junior Student Government. They will be partnering with Stugo to create mentorship opportunities as well as planning our first ever Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. We sat down with the New Way Co-Student Body Presidents, Sam Lawrie and Catherine Rowley, to learn more about what student life is like on New Way campus and how they are adjusting to their new leadership roles.

What activities are you involved in both on and off campus?

Sam: “I’m involved in Student Government, football, basketball, and youth group.”

Catherine: “I’m involved in Student Government and soccer at school. Outside of school I babysit, do gymnastics and practice piano.”

What would you say is the best part about going to New Way?

Sam: “It’s a second home. Everyone is so loving and looks out for me. 10/10 great experience over the last four years. New Way has done so much for me that I will never be able to repay. I can’t thank the faculty enough for everything they’ve done.”

Catherine: “I love that my family is here (Catherine has 3 younger siblings who all attend New Way) and I enjoy being able to celebrate with them when they get awards. I accomplished a lot more here than I ever thought I would with the help of teachers and peers!”

As you approach graduation, what are some of your post-secondary goals?

Sam: “I want to go to an in-state college and either study psychology or sports management.”

Catherine: “I plan on going to N.A.U. and become a nurse anesthetics.”

What is it like to be the president of the student body?

Sam: “I like the experience of working with others–different personalities, learning how to lead a large group of people, and talking in front of people.”

Catherine: “When I first came to New Way I had absolutely no confidence and was sad all the time but then Mrs. DuBois told me I should do Student Government, so I did. Now I feel comfortable leading a group, and value what I have to say and can contribute more.”

What is one lesson you will take away from serving in a leadership position?

Sam: “I learned to work with different types of personalities and reach mutual understandings.”

Catherine: “I learned how to communicate well with others.”

Sam and Catherine are seniors at New Way Academy



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