New To Arizona, Alex, Talks About His New Home Here


Alex is an outgoing, ambitious 9-year-old at St. John Vianney. He loves to help others and is close to his faith. A hardworking, high- achieving student, Alex has managed to adapt well since his move from Iowa three years ago. He is close with his cousins, brothers and his dog, Mickey. He likes turtles, dogs, and playing his Nintendo Switch with his brothers.

Q. What was the most difficult adjustment coming to Arizona from Iowa? 

A. I think it is the school routine because that is where I spend most of my time. 

Q. What do you enjoy most about living in Arizona?

A. I think that it is either my house or school but mostly my house because it is new to us. I can’t believe our house is new and not used!  But I am glad that I have my school routine down now.

Q. What award did you receive with the AAA Scholarship Foundation?

A. I got money to be able to go to SJV for free, so my parents don’t have to worry about paying for my school.

Q. Can you tell us about your involvement at St. John Vianney? 

A. I like the people at the school, the teachers, the Principal, the Priest, and the community. If my teacher asks questions I answer them and also during morning message I pray.

Q. Who do you look up to the most?

A. Jesus because he always followed God, his father, and He died for us.

Q. Can you tell us about Mickey? 

A. He is very cute, curious, playful. He marks his territory a lot and likes to great others.

Q. What is your favorite Nintendo Switch game?

A. Super Mario Odyssey because I love adventure games.  After you are done you can still do a lot.

Alex Vasquez is a fourth grader at St. John Vianney.



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