Nathan Succeeds at Brightmont Academy – Chandler Campus

CHANDLER, AZ – Nathan is an 18 year­-old student who was struggling at an advanced local school.  Nathan was more than capable of excelling as he is an extremely smart student, but he suffered from learning disabilities, and his grades were declining.  The more school progressed, the further behind he became.  Soon enough, he was failing his junior year.

Nathan did not think he was going to ever be able to graduate.  His family knew something had to change for Nathan to get back on track, and the traditional classroom just wasn’t working.  They discovered Brightmont Academy over the summer.

Nathan applied and received the Empowerment Scholarship award available through the State of Arizona, which enabled him to attend Brightmont Academy.  After enrolling, Nathan became very excited about going back to school.

“We feel very blessed to have found Brightmont Academy,” said Janet, Nathan’s mother.  “It’s difficult when you have a really bright child who doesn’t fit the traditional education model, and it’s so frustrating to see them struggle.  Often times that struggle is just boredom, and we have truly found a unique model that addresses his interest and teaches him what he needs to know at the same time.”

Nathan is back on track to complete his senior year of high school at Brightmont Academy, potentially even this spring.  The benefit of attending Brightmont Academy meant that Nathan could pick up his studies right where he left off. r

“Nathan is a quiet student and the smaller campus has suited him quite well,” said Chandler Campus Director Morgan Tanner.  “He now has a renewed interest in learning, and he can now see the end goal.  Nathan has been very dedicated to getting on track, and he has the motivation to finish.  He is independent, and the one-­to-­one approach has suited him well.”

Nathan is a Senior at Brightmont Academy.



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