Nathalie Talks West- MEC Talks Automotive Collision Technology program

Nathalie Marin is a senior at Western Maricopa Education Center. She enjoys working on cars and babysitting her younger siblings. She will be attending Glendale Community College, beginning spring semester of 2018. Nathalie is currently enrolled in the West- MEC Automotive Collision Technology program and serves as the secretary of her CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization.) She has maintained her ‘A’ student status since starting the program.

Q. One of your hobbies is working on cars. Where did that passion come from? What has been your favorite auto project?

A. Since I was little girl my dad has always talked to me about cars. He was the reason I fell in love with the foxbody mustang. My favorite project has honestly been the ‘66 Mustang. It has so much to be done, I learned to weld because of it and I’m going to be painting it sometime this month.

Q. Being the oldest sibling and spending so much time babysitting, they must really look up to you. What do you think is the most important lesson you can teach your siblings?

A. The most important lesson I have taught my siblings is to respect others no matter what.

Q. You’ll be attending Glendale Community College soon. What courses will you be starting with?

A. I will be taking basic courses for college and I will be double majoring for auto tech and social work.

Q. Your goal is to travel the world and help children in need. Where do you think that passion comes from?

A. I’ve always loved children. I want to help kids from abuse, hunger, neglect, etc. Every kid deserve to live a happy life and have the best childhood. Also I took care of all my cousins children. I would honestly have like 10 kids in my house we’d watch movies and eat popcorn and build forts.

Q. If you could have the car of your dreams, what would it be and why?

A. My dream car is a 1989 5.0 foxbody Mustang. I have always loved them since I was little. My dad had a lot to do with me loving them because of the one he owned.



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