Mwafaq Excels in Structured English Immersion

Every year, at the OELAS conference, the Arizona Department of Education recognizes a group of students whose success stories in English language acquisition are noteworthy.

Mwafaq began his kindergarten year speaking very little English. His parents did not speak English and the majority of his class spoke Spanish. Mwafaq is the youngest in his family. When his family moved to Arizona they spoke very little English. He acquired the English language quickly. He takes pride in helping his older siblings with their English.

Mwafaq was in the Kindergarten Structured English Immersion (SEI) classroom at Madison Camelview. This class had 22 English language learners, most of them had never been to school. He had intense language instruction from the very first day of school. The students in this classroom were encouraged to speak in complete sentences from the beginning ­ even if it was just repeating. Mwafaq was an example in class, always eager to help others to complete their tasks. He had a great desire to learn from the beginning.

Eagerness is the first trait that comes to my mind when thinking about Mwafaq. He always tries his best. Mwafaq has an intense desire to learn and he lets everyone know it. He is also eager to help his family learn English. His eagerness has helped him to become the confident student he is today.

Mwafaq loves to help others; students, teachers, and family. He is a reliable student and is always wanting to do more. He is a volunteer in the school cafeteria as often as the cafeteria staff will let him. Mwafaq makes sure his parents are aware of activities at school and helps his parents at parent teacher conferences. He attended our district ELL Summer School and he was an integral part in getting his family to attend.

Mwafaq is an extraordinary student in many different ways. In only a year of schooling, a year of being immersed in the English language, he is not only proficient in English; he is at or above grade level in every subject area. He continues to grow every quarter, his greatest growth in math (which happens to be his favorite subject). He has such a positive attitude and an infectious energy ­ you just can’t help but smile when you work with him.

“I think back to the second day I worked in his kindergarten classroom last year; he greeted me by name. This was a child who barely spoke English at all, yet, he remembered my name after just one meeting; that struck me as a student who pays attention to detail. He continues to be a curious and inquisitive boy, and this will help go far, not only in his academics, but in life. He has been a true success in the short amount of time that he has been with us!” ­ Jane Scott, Madison School District ELD Coordinartor

Mwafaq is a first grader at Madison Camelview.



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