Multilingual Hoekstra Brothers

Steele (8, Spanish), Lincoln (7, French) and Rocky (5, French) all attend the International School of Arizona. Neither of their parents speaks another language but all of the boys speak a second language and some are working on a third!

What is it like knowing another language when your parents don’t?

Lincoln: It’s fun saying things to each other in French and Spanish

Steele: Yeah, but they are smart they usually figure it out!


What is the best part about knowing a second language?

Lincoln and Rocky: Getting to travel and knowing what people are saying!

Steele: Traveling to different states and speaking Spanish!


Does going to ISA make it easier to learn another language?

Lincoln: Definitely! Steele and I are really good at teaching each other Spanish and French

Steele: I can understand a lot of French now and he can understand Spanish from me!


What is your favorite part of ISA?

Rocky: Everyone is nice to others!

Lincoln and Steele: The teachers and all my friends because we all speak multiple languages!


What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

Steele: Snowboard

Lincoln: Surfing

Rocky: Skiing



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