Milo Shines at New Way Academy

Milo has been an exceptional help to staff and shows leadership in everything that he does. When asked for help to complete a task, he does not hesitate to step in, and often gets other students on board to complete a task needing group effort. From school mascot, to dunk tank champion, to football team player, and high school student government taskmaster.

Q. Can you tell us about your involvement with New Way?
A. I am a sophomore and I am in Student Government. I work with a couple of others to create the advertising videos for our school events. I also do school subjects but am less interested in those.

Q. How long have you played football?
A. Since sixth grade. I started when we lived in Portland, Oregon, and have played the whole time at New Way. I play center until the coach moves me to right tackle because I stuff up the snap (this always happens at some point in the game).

Q. Can you tell us about what you enjoy about coaching basketball?
A. The power. The ability to have unrelenting control over other people’s lives. And the paperwork.

Q. Do you have any siblings?
A. Yes, two older brothers. One wants to live in the 1860s as he loves Civil War reenactments so much. The other is a sound engineer at Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences. I thought that “sound” meant “good” in that sentence but actually it means “noisy”.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. Video games, sports, hanging out, and plotting to overthrow the government. I just need to finish school first. Then I will rule.

Q. How has New Way prepared you for the future?
A. We dyslexics are not neuro-typical, and New Way understands that. Life would have been much, much harder at a regular school. Everyone with dyslexia should be at New Way, you can succeed here. Also, the Transition Team are being really great at the moment as they help with where and what to do with further education.

Milo Brebner is a 10th grader at New Way Academy.



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