Mikayla Succeeds with the Help of Spencer D. Mary Jane Stewart Branch

Mikayla has been attending the Spencer D. Mary Jane Stewart Branch for eight years and uses the Club as a strong support system. Whether it’s getting help with homework, finding encouragement when she needs it most, or planning ahead for her future, Mikayla credits the Club with always having her back.

Q. How long have you been attending the Spencer D. Mary Jane Stewart Branch?

A. I’ve been attending the Stewart Branch about eight years. I’ve been coming since I was 7 years- old and I’m 15 years-old now.

Q. What activities/programs are you a part of at the Club?

A. I’m the Vice President of Keystone Club. I really like it because it’s a leadership program. We are hosting a movie night for the youth side so I’m excited for that. Previously, I was in Video Club, where we made videos every week.

Q. How has the Club helped you in other aspects of your life like school and home?

A. At home, I didn’t have much interaction with my family. Now with the Club, my mom and I are always talking about what I’m doing there, the activities I participate in, and the field trips I go on. In the Club, James, the Teen Specialist, always tries to help me with Chemistry. When I go back to school, I have an Advisory class, and I’m confident about which questions I need to ask because James helps me get back on the right track.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about attending the Club?

A. I feel welcomed here. I walk in and I’m greeted by a bunch of smiles. We are like one big family.

Q. What would you be doing if you didn’t have the Club?

A. Honestly, I have no idea. I would probably just be going to school and then going home — that would be really boring!

Q. What advice would you give to younger kids about succeeding in life?

A. Never give up. I thought freshman year was easy but sophomore year has been really hard and I’ve wanted to give up. However, my mom and the Club staff motivate me to do my best and work hard. It always pays off in the long run.

Q. What are your goals?

A. My short term goal is to start a YouTube channel. Certain YouTubers and my Teen Specialist motivated me to start one. In the long term, I want to attend the University of California – Los Angeles and then become an actress.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say about your time at the Club?

A. I get along with all of the Club staff really well. I have never felt shy and feel like I can talk about things. The Club staff is very open-minded and always takes into consideration what I have to say. If I’m having a problem, they’re always there to help.

Mikayla Lowry is a sophomore at Trevor Brown High School.



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