Mick Talks Football and his School

Jones Gordon School (JGS) is known for its safe, nurturing environment. Students like seventh grader, Mick Bahu, is a big reason JGS has this reputation. Mick is a leader with a kind heart for everyone, especially underdogs. He will find a person in need of a friend and help that person feel cared for and accepted. Because Mick is so revered by his peers, his acceptance of all carries enormous weight. He is a protector, and the other students respect and follow his lead.

Mick has a strong work ethic, and he’s willing to work as hard as he can to make sure a job gets done right. He is also very athletic. Sports play a big role in Mick’s life. He loves Michigan (University of, not State!), and his favorite sport is football.

Q: You played on the JGS Flag Football Team. Tell me more about that…

A: I had experience playing before which was really helpful. But, this was my best season as a football player. The best part of JGS flag football was hanging out with friends, touchdowns, and interceptions. My best memory was making my first interception. I was the Defensive Captain this year. I coached the players on defense and I was really good at motivating them. I’m also on the JGS baseball team. Our first practice begins today.

Q: What does JGS mean to you?

A: A LOT!! It’s like a family, not too big and everyone is close. At JGS teachers teach at different levels. You don’t have to be at a certain place; you learn at your level. I have so many memories of my time here. I’ve made lots of friends over the years. Two other students and I have been at JGS the longest; I’ve been here for seven years, since first grade (when the school was first started!).

Q: What do you do outside of school?

A: I work with the Miracle League Charity every Tuesday. I’m a “buddy,” and we help participants play baseball by coaching and helping them, and making friends with them. My buddy came over to my house at Christmas time and we made gingerbread houses. I’m really close with my buddy.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I don’t know yet… Maybe something with football, but I know that’s really unlikely. I could coach—I’d be a good coach because I’m good at motivating others. I’d motivate them to work hard and I know the game really well. I’d love to coach Michigan, but that would be a lot of pressure. Maybe I could be a high school coach. I really don’t know yet!

Mick is a seventh grader at The Jones Gordon School.



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