Michaela Talks Volleyball and Basketball

Michaela is a fierce competitor on the school’s volleyball and basketball team. No matter what Michaela, always gives 100 percent. Michaela is also a delightful young woman who has grown tremendously during her time at Madison Prep. She is a hard worker and always does the right thing. She is the definition of integrity.

Q. Your main sports you have passion for are Volleyball and Basketball. Tell us about your involvement with those?

A. I started playing volleyball in eighth grade. After the first year, I was hooked and wanted to play for the rest of my high school career. I became a starter on the team in ninth grade. Despite my height (I’m 5’2″), I’m aggressive on the Court and have no trouble diving for the ball at all costs. I’m fiercely competitive because I have a passion for winning. Unfortunately, this year, in my senior year, I injured my ankle and could not finish out the season. I was totally crushed. My involvement in basketball began in the eighth grade as well. I remember the first game. I was subbing for a teammate, I got the ball and an opposing player tried to steal the ball away from me. I wouldn’t let go. So she picked me up then dropped me to the floor. But I never let go of that ball! I’ve been a starter on our varsity team since my sophomore year as a “wing.” I think I’m a good basketball player because I can run fast and I’m fearless on the court.

Q. What are your favorite classes at James Madison?

A. My favorite classes are PE, weight training, every literature class, and probably math! I love to read classics, Shakespeare, and American Literature, and many others. My favorite stories are The Scarlet Letter and Othello. I’d have to say that I like math because I get the problems. For some people math is difficult, but I see it as a challenge. To an extent, math is easy for me!

Q. What are you wishing to pursue after High School?

A. I will be attending Maricopa County Community College, either Mesa or Chandler/Gilbert campuses, then I will transfer to my all-time favorite college, Grand Canyon University, to pursue a bachelors in athletic training. I would like to finish up my masters at NAU. My ultimate dream is to work side-by-side as an athletic trainer for the Dallas Cowboys! 🙂

Q. What do you want to be when you “grow up”?

A. I want to be an athletic trainer for the NFL, specifically for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d like to get married some day and have a couple of kids as well. I’d like to raise my children having a passion for sports like their Mom. I dream of having a big house in the greater Dallas area and maybe even have a farm.

Q. What is one thing that you would like to tell our readers that people may not know about you?

A. I love to dance and would like to join a hip hop dance team. I also love to write stories and would like to publish one of my stories one day. I’m very creative, and enjoy fashion. I even made the wreath I wore to my Junior/Senior prom! I’m really good at putting outfits together and I really love wide, fedora hats. I have a passion for hats and own 2 fedoras, six snap-backs, and one baseball hat. Plus, my “hoser” hat. LOL!! Plus, I’m the only “normal” one in my family! I’m adopted, and one day would like to meet my birth mother.

Michaela is a Senior at James Madison Preparatory School.



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