Michael Stein Gives Back With STA Serves Program

Tell our readers what STA Serves is? What do you do with in this program?

STA serves is a program that reminds us that it is important to be a responsible member of the community within our school and our community. Each grade has a group that we try to help throughout the year. 7th grade focuses on babies and young families. We have collected Christmas gifts for Maggie’s Place, an organization that provides a place for babies and moms to have a good start. We’ve also helped with their Christmas party by wrapping gifts and helping to provide food for their events. We also collect items throughout the year for them. Right now we’re having a baby wipe drive during Lent. I like to help out with Maggie’s Place because it is nice to know that the moms who might not have any other place to go can find a safe place to live and have there babies. Hopefully the babies will have a good start and grow up to have the opportunities that we have at St. Thomas.

You also play sports, tell us about that? What position do you play?

I love to play lacrosse. I play defense and really like it. You’re always on the field, instead of only playing part of the time like in football. And it doesn’t give my mom a heart attack like football would. I play with LAX Locker and the coaches are great.

Do you have High School on your mind yet? Do you have plans to go anywhere specific? I think I’d like to go to Brophy, but I’m going to look at all the options.

Do you have any special plans for the summer?

This summer I’ll probably go to lacrosse camp and we’ll be traveling to reunions for my Grandmother and my grandfather’s sides of the family. We’ll also go to the beach in California. I surfed a couple of times last summer and I hope to get better at it.

What do you think you want to be when you grow up?

I’m not really sure what I’d like to be when I grow up, but I love airplanes, especially military. Maybe I could work with designing military aircraft.

Michael is an 8th grader at Saint Thomas the Apostle


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