Megan of Tucson Graduates Two Years Early

Megan Good is a 16-year-old freshman in college.

You read that right.

Now living in Texas, Megan switched to Primavera Online High School her freshman year in order to graduate early.

“I took an online Spanish course in the summer to leave a free period so I could be a teacher’s assistant in band,” said Megan. “After taking that course, I realized that I loved the way taking a class online worked.”

Megan chose Primavera to graduate high school early.

“Prior to starting school at Primavera, I attended a Christian Academy in Tucson,” said Megan. “I absolutely loved it. I was very involved in the band program and it was a hard decision to leave, but I knew it would be best for me.”

Megan added on courses to the usual schedule, and as a result, finished two years early. While acclimating to online school was a challenge, teachers helped her through and she excelled.

“Reading through the material and watching videos to learn was a whole new thing for me,” said Megan. “Early on, I felt like I was bothering my teachers, and I didn’t ask as many questions as I probably should have. But each and every teacher at Primavera went out of their way to help me learn, and made it clear that that is what they are there for!”

Megan earned a scholarship to Grand Canyon University, valued up to $31,000 and is working to obtain more scholarships.
“I started off at community college, and will likely transfer to the University of Arizona,” said Megan. “I am interested in studying business and the University of Arizona has a wide variety of business program opportunities.”

Although she is 16, Megan has had no trouble keeping up in her college courses. Part of her preparedness she credits to her high school instructors.

“One teacher who helped me prepare for college my dual enrollment English A and B instructor,” said Megan. “His course helped me learn what college professors would expect in our essays. Having taken a semester of college, I can say that his class prepared me well for writing college essays, papers and projects.”

Megan has since moved to Texas. She is currently taking general education requirement courses, focusing on accounting at her local community college.



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