Meet The Papago Panthers Programmers

The Papago Panthers Programmers Lego Robotics Team competed at Bio Science High School on Saturday November 23. The team started the day by scoring well on their presentation. Their project was about how we could improve the energy and environmental efficiency of Papago school. Next they participated in the team building presentation and had one of the highest scores of the competition. Disaster struck in the first round of the robotics competition and our team earned the second lowest score of the day. It would have been so easy to have accepted the failure and given up. Instead this amazing team of 6th graders focused and worked for two straight hours improving the code and alignment of the robot. They tested and retested the missions about a hundred times until they felt confident. The second and third rounds of the competition were amazing! The team scored about five times as many points than the previous round and ended up going from last place to fifth place. They were even awarded the Judges Award- which is a unique award that isn’t contingent on score or the competition but is awarded based on the judges voting.

It was quite an accomplishment and shows that you should never give up!



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